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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) today has become an indispensable tool for human development and although with the overwhelming impact of new technologies globally, numerous factors still account for the setbacks in bridging the digital divide in developing nations like Cameroon. Many youths in rural Cameroon have never used a computer, let alone received any basic training/education on computer user skills. Our ICT project aims to provide basic knowledge of computers and promote the use of computers as a learning tool at home and in schools while offering computer training for a vocation.

This project will enable young people to use the ICT and other new technologies to engage in collaborative educational projects that both enhance learning and make a difference in the world. The focus here is to train its participants to become skilled, productive and creative in computer related user skills as well as raise the awareness of the community as a whole on the use and importance of ICT in the 21st Century. Youths are provided with free training in basic computer skills, office applications & Internet skills which are in high demand. Through group interactions, mentoring, discussions and question & answer sessions to reinforce learning.

This training will effectively equip them with vital proficiency/skills needed to sharpen and enhance their literacy and interest through access to computer education. CDN wants to bring ICT to the masse and remote areas and transform the lives of participants while broadening their options to new opportunities. Youths are empowered to take their place in society and become computer literate and proficient - and consequently viable and competitive in the market place in career development and hence contribute to national development.

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