smallchildAdvancing Rural Communities

Community Development Network focuses on rural poverty reduction, working with poor rural and marginalised populations to eliminate poverty, hunger and malnutrition; raise their productivity and incomes and improve the quality of their lives. CDN has recognized that vulnerable groups can and do contribute to economic growth. These groups have shown that they can join the mainstream of social and economic development; provided the causes of their poverty are understood and enabling conditions for development are created.

We design and implement projects in very different natural socio-economic and cultural environments. Many CDN-supported projects and programs are carried out in remote areas and have targeted some of the poorest and most deprived segments of the rural population. We work with professional advisors, development leaders and youth ambassadors. It is at this stage that we deliberate on youth ideas, community challenges, unexploited opportunities, practical solutions and design viable projects to respond to poverty and societal challenges.



In order to achieve the United Nations millennium development goals of poverty eradication, increasing access to health and education, information technology improvements and health promotion, the following strategies will be adopted for Community Developement Network to attain its mission objectives.


We work with related development organisation and government departments in realising projects identified through viable activities in these communities. We partner and cooperate with structures aiming at delivering sustainable services.


Carry out programs to communicate and address issues affecting the rural and vulnerable population while building their capacity and raising their awareness on these issues, supporting them and help improve their lives.


Develop and promote viable volunteer, internship and summer camp opportunities for both local and international volunteers to realise our efforts towards a bright future.


Assist in providing an enabling environment for the active participation of poor and marginalised communities in their development process while mobilising resources needed to realise these sustainable initiatives.

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